International Design Guild

Here at B&B Fine Floor Coverings, we offer a wide variety of residential and commercial carpeting. Our membership in the International Design Guild, assures our clients the highest commitment to fashion and design. We search the world over to bring you the finest collection of designer floor coverings available. Our showroom is among a select few representing the Guild's highest standards. No matter how sophisticated or practical your tastes, our carpet selections make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Residential Carpeting

Carpeting offers a luxurious feel to any space of your home. It helps to create a warm and cozy environment that can enhance the decor style of your home. Not only does carpet add a softness and luxurious feel to your home there are some added benefits to selecting carpeting for your flooring project. Carpet can help reduce energy costs in colder climates by insulating your floors and helping to retain warmth. Not only will carpeting insulate and add a softer feel to your home but it will also help reduce noise throughout your home by absorbing sounds. Carpet can also help with allergens and dust by trapping it in the carpet fiber until it can be cleaned and removed correctly from your home. If carpet seems to be the right choice for your home then stop by our showroom to meet with our skilled team of designers will work with you to choose the right carpet that fits all your needs. B&B Floor Coverings believes working closely with our residential carpet customers to ensure that your flooring choice is the right one for your needs.

Commercial Carpeting

Commercial level carpeting is one of the most durable carpeting options that we carry. There are some key differences between residential and commercial carpeting that make this carpet the top choice for businesses and certain areas of your home. Commercial carpeting is using a low, tight pile which helps it to stand up to a lot of traffic without crushing or matting down. These category of carpeting can be found in roll or carpet tiles which allow you the flexibility to choose the right material for your space. With the new innovations in patterns, colors, texture, and sizes you are sure to find the right product to fit your design style. Stop by our showroom to see our wide range of commercial carpet products for you next project.

Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpet, named for the large looms in which it is woven, can be an ideal choice for creating cozy environments. Due to its inherently wide roll width, it can be installed in large spaces with few seams...creating an uninterrupted base for other details such as furnishings and draperies.

There are a tremendous variety of broadloom carpet styles available, providing a nearly infinite range of choices for your decor: natural to new fibers, soft to strong hues, and subtle to dramatic textures. The designs selected for The Dabbieri Collection® have been thoughtfully assembled to provide luxurious options for the discerning buyer.

Carpet Tile

Carpet tile, or modular tile, is manufactured as piece goods from rolls of broadloom carpet. Carpet tiles are currently more popular in the commercial market, however, the benefits to this type of carpeting work well in the residential marketplace. The product comes in square, rectangle and also hexagon shapes which allow the customer to play with shapes and patterns to create a visually dynamic floor. Carpet tiles are impervious to moisture, except at the joints, and are easily replaceable in the case of damage which means this flooring type works excellent in basements and kid’s playrooms.

Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs enable you to enhance your décor with a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. You can choose one of the beautiful area rugs we carry from Kaleen Area Rugs or choose to create your own. Our Cutting Edge rug program allows you to create a truly custom area rug for you home, it gives you the ability to pick your shape, size, texture, binding style and width. We also have the ability to create an area rug for you in house using any of the broadloom carpet that we carry.

Brands we carry include:


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Full Service Commercial Flooring

We provide quality flooring services including design, specification, selection, installation, inspection, repairs and maintenance to the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Our team of experts is configured in such a way that we can assist you with your project from initial design and project conceptualization to installation and maintenance.

Entrust Us with your Upcoming Flooring Installation

Our commitment to client satisfaction doesn’t end when you make a purchase. This is why we back our selection with installation services performed by an exemplary team of installers. These experienced installers boast an impressive attention to detail that guarantees flooring installation is executed correctly every job.

There’s more!

In addition to the impressive collection of premier flooring on display at our showroom, we also exhibit a range of other design products. Enhance your home from floor to ceiling by adding any of the following to your upcoming flooring project:

  • Window Coverings
  • Backsplashes
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Closet Organizers