Carpeting in Ithaca, NY

Carpet Flooring in Ithaca, NY

Add warmth and luxury to any room with a new carpet. To get the cozy and comfortable space you desire, replace your outdated floors with high-quality carpeting from our store. You will love the soft, plush feel and homey look of the many styles available at our carpet store, including wonderful options like textured and Berber carpet. Find out more about the endless varieties in stock now by contacting us. We look forward to helping you find the ideal flooring product for your home improvement project.

No matter what kind of style or design you have in mind, there is a style of carpet within our selection perfectly suited to your home. From exclusive selections to exceptional installation services, we go above and beyond to set ourselves apart from the other carpet stores in the area. Whether you are interested in putting new carpets in just one single room or want to redo your entire house, you certainly can feel confident in the outcome when you entrust the job to our team.

With so many different types of carpeting to choose from, deciding on the right option for a specific space proves challenging for a number of our clients. Fortunately, our helpful staff is always available to assist you. We listen closely to your design goals and recommend quality products that fit your décor needs and budget. When you turn to our team of knowledgeable associates, you can expect an easy and enjoyable shopping experience that ends in a successful purchase.

Our in-store professionals partner with homeowners throughout their entire shopping process. By remaining familiar with the countless carpeting products available at our location, we are able to offer much-needed guidance while you peruse your options. Depending on your performance needs and taste, one of the following surface solutions may be exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Custom area rugs
  • Broadloom carpet
  • Berber carpet
  • Saxony carpet
  • Textured carpet
  • Frieze carpet
  • Loop carpet

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Amazing Carpet Selection from Reputable Manufacturers

Upgrade your outdated flooring with a new carpet that is able to withstand the daily wear of your household. Take advantage of long-lasting flooring designed by some of the industry’s leading brands to boost your home’s appearance and value.

Our carpet store only carries flooring solutions capable of meeting homeowner expectations in looks and longevity. This means pet accidents and heavy foot traffic are no match for the impressive carpet lines we endorse. The belief that carpet isn’t family-friendly is a common misconception. These brands are just a few that you can expect to find among the collections when you shop with us:

  • The Dabbieri Collection® : This flooring company was named for Louis D'Abbieri, a contemporary of Louis Vuitton, who made clothing by hand for Emperor Napoleon. Now the peerless carpet products that carry his name are considered one of the most preeminent types of decorative flooring in the world, being the core brand of the International Design Guild.
  • Just Shorn™ : Made from the finest strong wool shorn off of selectively bred New Zealand sheep, these wool carpets offer a rich, lush feeling matched only by the beautiful countryside of the islands they come from. You will appreciate the way that our farm-focused approach to wool lends itself to our luxurious and uniquely designed carpeting. Their carpet range is hand-picked for the purest whites and best dyeing characteristics, resulting in astonishing colors.
  • Helios Carpet™ ; Explore the fantastic selection of spirited designs available from Helios Carpet. Made using durable New Zealand wool and the best manufacturing techniques, you will love the beauty and innovation of the endless variations of carpets that we offer. Our wild Skins Collection is sure to add a dash of the jungle to any room. Helios makes sure that all of their carpeting is eco-friendly, using green ingredients to produce the perfect fabric blends.

One of the most popular options for carpeting is the beautiful Berber carpet style that has captivated the imagination of the world for generations. Named for and inspired by the traditional hand-woven carpets created by the Berber peoples, these carpets once featured distinctive knotted patterns that utilized the plethora of fabrics available along the trans-Saharan trade routes. Nowadays, the industrialized world produces Berber carpets using up-to-date and fully modern techniques. These machine-made carpets are distinguished by their loop pile construction, giving them an appearance that is similar to the age-old hand-knotting performed by traditional weavers.

Carpet Installation You Can Trust

After you’ve discovered the carpet of your dreams, we continue to deliver outstanding service throughout the rest of your flooring project. As soon as you make a purchase, our team begins planning your installation. Our staff includes a team of in-house technicians who perform carpet installation with the utmost speed and skill. Because of this, we never have to outsource work to other contractors in the community.

Utilizing trusted techniques and tools, our installers get the job done right the first time around. Sooner than you ever thought possible, your entire family can begin enjoying new carpet in areas like the bedroom, living room, and beyond. We thoroughly clean the work site upon the completion of the install to ensure you are able to return to a normal routine in no time at all.

Don’t Forget About Our Custom Area Rugs

Are you looking for a way to add warmth to areas with hard flooring surfaces? Consider investing in one of our custom area rugs. These rugs are custom designed specifically with your style in mind. If you want a rug that perfectly complements surrounding décor, paint, and furniture, you know where to go.

Looking beyond the short-term, our reputable carpeting business is also committed to providing green and eco-friendly products that satisfy the community’s interest in protecting the environment. After all, unlike our fabulous selection of countless carpets, there's only one Earth to go around for all of us.

Shop for the carpet of your dreams with the help of our knowledgeable flooring experts. Contact us or by using the convenient form and learn more about the carpet flooring we carry.