Laminate Flooring in Ithaca, NY

Laminate Flooring

A new floor is an excellent investment for any room of your home or business. We offer a wide selection of high-quality laminate flooring to property owners and contractors throughout the region. Our team also provides complete installation services, making our showroom your one-stop shop for laminate floors.

Our flooring company handles every part of the process so you don’t have to do a thing. We start with free in-home consultations by professional designers and then move on to selection and inspection, which is performed by our superintendent with 30+ years of experience. Then comes laminate flooring installation, and when that’s done we can even provide repairs and maintenance if the need arises. Whatever you need, we can help you with. Just ask one of our friendly associates and we’ll stick with you as long as it takes.

Installing laminate floors goes much faster than the process of installing other materials. Most laminate tiles and planks come with a built-in locking system that lets each piece of material easily click into place, so glue and nails may not even be needed. Depending on your property, we might even be able to install it over your existing floor. The one thing you can count on is that it will be done right the first time we do it, because we’re professionals who care about customer satisfaction.

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Laminates Offer Different Options

Because this is such a flexible material, we have it available in several different forms, mainly tile and wood. Laminate tile flooring works in many rooms, but it’s particularly perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that are prone to spills and moisture. The material is water-resistant, durable, and easy to clean, making it ideal for families with pets and children. This is one floor you know will keep looking good for the long haul.

Since laminate is synthetic, it can be manufactured to imitate any type of natural tile, such as porcelain and stone. Plus, the warm and smooth surface just feels good on your feet, which makes cooking much easier. This flooring combines the timelessness and high-end look of traditional tile while still letting you stick to your budget and enjoy easy installation. You’ll be able to save money for your next project without having to compromise on quality. Like other tile floors, this is available in an enormous selection of colors and patterns.

Our experts are happy to help you narrow down your choices until you find the one you want. Your guests will be impressed by the beauty of your floor, and they’ll never have to know it’s anything less than the real deal. Tile isn’t the only material we can help you save on. Laminate wood flooring offers the rich beauty of real wood at a much lower cost. We sell and install planks with more patterns, textures, and designs than you can imagine. The atmosphere is inviting and warm, and Installation is simple and quick. Our floors are all designed to hold up over time, and our laminate wood is no exception. Wood flooring like ours stands up to stains and water, so you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined. Even if some damage does occur, all you have to do is call us and we’ll be right over with repair and maintenance service.

Offering You Tons of Choices with Expert Guidance

You can easily upgrade any room in your home or business with the affordable, eco-friendly laminate flooring we carry right here in our showroom. Our professionals help you expand your design options with all of the colors and textures of laminate you could want. There’s no theme we can’t match and no preference we can’t please. We make this happen through our affiliation with CCA Global Partners and International Design Guild, which allows us to get exclusive products and keep prices low. Members like us receive first pick at the newest fashions and floor covering designs from all over the world.

Laminate mixes low maintenance, beauty, and durability into one affordable floor. You get the authentic feel and appearance of high-end floors without the high-end maintenance or bill. Whether you wish for wood or tile, laminate can meet your needs. Mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming are all it requires to stay clean, so you won’t have to worry about spills. There’s no need to spend your money on special cleaners or fret over a dropped dish or drink.

We also offer beautiful wide plank laminate, which is versatile enough to work with a variety of styles. Whatever features you choose will be much more visible when the planks are wider. This makes your floor unique to you; no one else will have a design exactly like yours. Choose from dark reds to rich browns to varying shades of tan and many more.

Contact us for a consultation on your new floor. We sell and install laminate all over Ithaca, Dryden, Cortland, and Skaneateles, New York, and the nearby communities.