Vinyl Flooring in Ithaca, NY

Vinyl Flooring

Your home is an investment, and like most investments, it needs regular care, cleaning, and a few replacement parts every now and then. When your floor starts to look old, dull, and worse for wear, it's time to consider upgrading to a new one. However, if you've never shopped for flooring before, it can be difficult to know where to start. You want a flooring product that not only looks good in your home, but also stands up to scratches, spills, and other everyday occurrences. Fortunately, our vinyl flooring in Ithaca, NY, has exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you seek sheet, tile, or plank flooring, you're sure to find something suitable at our showroom.

Turn to a flooring store that understands the challenges shoppers face when they need flooring that is sturdy, attractive, and affordable at the same time. We're your first and full source for premium vinyl flooring. From quality product selection to installation, we’re your complete destination for all of your flooring needs. We not only serve residential customers but also commercial clients as well. Businesses—along with designers and contractors—are welcome to shop our selection of vinyl products and speak with our professional designers. We carry many products manufactured by America's most trusted brands, including:

Armstrong: Since the early 1900’s, Armstrong has been an innovative leader in the flooring industry. They manufacture hundreds of floors to choose from with endless patterns, colors, materials, and styles, so you can easily find what you want no matter your décor or preference.

Shaw: Shaw has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers thanks to their commitment to making their products and services invaluable to customers. They stay on top of all market trends and sell billions of dollars’ worth of floors every year.

USFloors: Environmentally conscious clients will love the sustainable products that USFloors has to offer. Their materials consist of recycled contents and meet strict environmental standards in the U.S. and Europe, offering cleaner indoor air quality as well as a new look.

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Vinyl Sheet Flooring and Installation

Easy to install and virtually waterproof, vinyl sheet flooring is the perfect combination of form and function. Choose this type of material when you're seeking a simple yet stylish option that won't require refinishing or other kinds of costly maintenance. Simply sweeping it or mopping it once in a while is enough. Vinyl sheet is made to resemble natural stone, hardwood, and other high-end floors so you get the aesthetic impact without the expense. It also serves to reduce noise and offer extra comfort to your feet, so you get a quiet setting that’s easy to walk around in.

Once you've chosen the perfect vinyl product for your home or business, schedule professional installation from our specialists. Only a certified flooring contractor has the tools and experience necessary to install vinyl according to the highest safety standards. Don't risk ruining your investment. Instead, rest easy knowing our team has your vinyl flooring installation well in hand. Vinyl is easy to install because it comes in large rolls and we can lay it right over the subfloor without having to demolish it. This is one material that can cover anything, even cracks. With professional installation, it lasts for decades.

We’re happy to help you with every phase of your flooring project. Design, selection, inspection, installation, repairs, and maintenance are all simple tasks for our company and contractors. Our staff consists of professional designers who can help you match what you want to what you have and guide you around our showroom. Visiting us allows you to more effectively visualize your choices, ask questions, and explore ideas and inspiration for your new design statement. Thanks to our affiliations with the International Design Guild and CCA Global Partners, we receive access to exclusive, eco-friendly products and deals that no one else does.

About Our Tile and Plank Choices

If you prefer stone or ceramic to other flooring materials but are leery of the sky-high cost, vinyl tile flooring may be right for you. Vinyl tile imitates the look and texture of natural stone, enabling you and your family to enjoy stone's unique beauty without the hefty price tag. Vinyl tile comes in many styles, all of which resist the majority of scratches and scrapes. Be sure to speak to our specialists about other flooring options when you reach out to us. We carry a great many high-end flooring products suitable for use in both residential and commercial buildings.

When you shop with us, you can easily skip the hassle of refinishing and sealing your floors. Instead, simply invest in vinyl plank flooring and enjoy the beauty of solid wood without any of the upkeep. As its name implies, our plank flooring resembles wood planks, providing a high level of performance that’s good for your feet. Vinyl plank is the perfect compromise for clients that love the appearance of natural wood but don't love its maintenance needs or are on a tighter budget. Additionally, because vinyl is so sturdy, you'll never have to worry about dents and splinters. Your pets, children, and guests will be sure to thank you.

Each type of vinyl flooring is well worth the investment if installed properly, so whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. We’ll be happy to help you decide based on your budget, space, lifestyle needs, and tastes. With our experts helping you out, you’re sure to find what you need.

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